Get Best Canadian Immigration Services in India

Want to fly to Canada in search of work? Then you have come to the right place. Canada is a beautiful country that offers numerous opportunities to immigrants looking for work and permanent stay in the maple country. Come to us and get the best Canadian immigration services  in the country.

Flying to Canada and gaining permanent residency is an easy process. If you are skilled and qualify in their comprehensive point based system then you too can fly to Canada, obtain permanent residency and search for work. Canada evaluates every applicant on certain basic aspects, viz. English and/ or languages proficiency, age, work experience, educational qualifications, etc. There are maximum points for every aspect and every applicant is awarded based on his qualifications.

Canadian Immigration from India

Canada is one of the most preferred immigration destinations among Indians. Every year thousands of Indians apply for migration but only a few who possess the necessary skills get selected. The Canadian Immigration process is transparent. At Visas Assured, we know and understand the process very well. We can assist you with all kinds of visas, namely, permanent residency visa, business visa, work visa, tourist visa, study visa etc.

The visa allotment process involves submission of online application in the Express Entry pool by the applicant. He or she is then evaluated and given points as per the Comprehensive ranking System. Upon evaluation, if the candidate is selected then he is asked to submit the necessary fees along with all the necessary documents within 60 days of receipt of Invitation to the Canadian Department of Immigration. Apply for Canadian Visa through Visas Assured today.


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